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Megean A. Caldwell

Megean A. Caldwell

Executive Assistant/Operations Manager

Megean A. Caldwell is the Operations Manager and Executive Assistant to Charles Thomas Wimsatt at Renaissance Capital Management, Inc., headquartered in Florence, Kentucky.   She has been with the firm since 2005 providing office and daily operations management, integrating streamlined processing procedures as well as providing excellent customer service to our clients.

Megean entered the Administrative work force in 1996 and to date in her career has held 3 office management positions, along with an extensive assortment of duties and responsibilities specific to each of those. At Renaissance Capital Management she brings to the table excellent time and detail management skills, she delights in working directly with our clients to meet their needs and expectations - while developing a comfortable relationship with them throughout the process.  Megean also takes a "by the book" viewpoint on industry compliance standards and practices, earning for our branch the prestigious "Branch Excellence Award" during her tenure..

Megean lives in the greater Cincinnati area, North of the city in Butler County, with her Husband Jeff.  Jeff has enjoyed a long term career in Law Enforcement as a Hamilton County Criminal Court Bailiff, as well as a Sheriff Deputy.  Megean is very involved with her local church as a Youth Leader as well as taking an active role in local community outreach and assistance.  In her spare time outside of work and volunteer hours she greatly enjoys baking, and runs a small custom cake decorating business on the side.  As she always says, "Life isn't about where you are, but what you make of your time there - bloom where you are planted!"